werewolves and the kitchen sink.

We interrupt this posting to tell you about upcoming posts.

It’s Halloween! Yay! Usually (as in, the past 3 years), I do Halloween/horror/serial killer-themed posts. Since the latest “The Werewolf and . . .” story stretched out waaaaaaaaaay longer than … Continue reading

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The Buddy Holly Curse

Originally posted on grafiklit:
I don’t┬áthink you could definitely┬ásay that there is a curse associated with 1950s rock-n-roller Buddy Holly; you could probably safely karaoke “Peggy Sue” or “That’ll Be…

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The Werewolf and the Pizza Hut – 15

Around midnight, we ventured into the back of Pizza Hut to check for water and food. We hoped that the staff hadn’t cleared out the walk-in freezer prior to the … Continue reading

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The Werewolf and the Pizza Hut – 14

My back scraped against the Pizza Hut’s parking lot. Marco had wrapped his arms around my legs. I tried kicking him off, and he sank his teeth into my right … Continue reading

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The Werewolf and the Pizza Hut – 13

That evening, while David took first watch and I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep (and tried to ignore my increasing hunger), Bobby Beggs stormed around the Oak Forest … Continue reading

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The Werewolf and the Pizza Hut – 12

As I’ve stated before, I’m scared of sharks. It strikes me as a much more reasonable phobia than a fear of the number 13 or of peanut butter sticking to … Continue reading

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Oh my God, I’ve been working on this story since January.

I just realized this. I need to either wrap it up damn quick, or put it on hiatus. There are other things I want to blog about.

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