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Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?

Talent . . .

I always wanted to be able to play the guitar. I’ve tried a few times, but it turns out I have zero talent. No ability to memorize chords, no ear for music at all. So now I take photos of people who do have that talent.

Thus this fellow, Klinge, whom I saw while on my Germany trip. This was taken on the island of Rugen, at a restaurant/outdoor live music venue called Brasserie. He could carry a tune quite well, and you wouldn’t know he was German when he sang “Riders on the Storm” or “Folsom Prison Blues”.

IMG_3555 - Version 2

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6 comments on “Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?

  1. Nerdy Woman

    I can’t play the guitar or take incredible, poignant pictures.

    Thank you for sharing this today.

  2. Stacy

    I definitely think you’ve found your niche. <3

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