David Wellington is cool

He writes horror, specifically 13 Bullets (vampires), Frostbite (werewolves), Monster Island (zombies). Each of these books has sequels, and they’re all good. I so enjoyed them, in fact, that I dared myself to send him an e-mail (via davidwellington.net) and ask for some assistance in my writing. Below is the original e-mail I sent:
Sun, 29 May 2011
Mr. Wellington,
I really enjoy your books and your style of writing. I was wondering if you would ever consider critiquing an amateur writer’s work? Perhaps a couple of chapters? I understand that you’re busy, just thought I’d ask. Thanks! 
His reply:
Tues, 31 May 2011
 Thanks for the kind words.  Unfortunately I can’t take on any critiques right now–I’m just too busy working on my next book.  But I will wish you best of luck with your writing.
He responded! Granted, his site does say that he responds personally to all e-mails, but still. He responded! Yeah, it could just be from an assistant. But still, I thought it was pretty cool. And look at that fast response time, 2 days. It sometimes takes me a week to answer my mom’s e-mails.
I sent the e-mail figuring there was no chance of it working, but his fast response and the wishing of luck made my day. So now I’ll pay it forward, in a way, and plug his site by adding that you can also read some of his books directly on the site, thus saving you a trip to the bookstore, library, etc.
Anyone else ever said, “What the hell,” and fired off a message to a favorite writer? What was the response, if any?

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