The magic of B.S.

I had a pharmacy math class yesterday. During the lecture, the instructor went off on a tangent, and we spent the next fifteen minutes talking about stuff unrelated to converting fractions into decimals.

I didn’t mind the tangent. It broke up the monotony. It’s interesting; when I’m with a group of people and we’re trying to think of stuff to talk about, everyone comes up blank. But in a classroom, when we’re supposed to, you know, be getting all educated and whatnot, the magical bullshit starts flowing and everyone gets swept along for the ride.

The point of this post (speaking of flowing bullshit) is that I came up with a story idea. For some reason, the instructor got to talking about people jumping off the Rainbow Bridge, a hippy-sounding name for a structure that is apparently AWASH WITH BLOOD AND A TERRIFYING EMBODIMENT OF EVIL!

Boy, would that be a good tagline for a poster. I’d go see that movie.

According to Wikipedia (because I am too lazy to look up information on another site and besides, the information listed seemed accurate enough, since I am from the area), the Rainbow Bridge is a cantilever bridge (under construction from 1936 to 1938) that spans the Neches River.

Um, let’s see . . . (consults Wikipedia) . . . the bridge’s vertical clearance is 177 feet—54 meters for the rest of the world. So it gets jumped from a lot.

(I have a cat that someone attempted to throw off this bridge when the cat was 6 weeks old; little Smudge lucked out because my husband was working for the Department of Transportation at the time. He and his work crew happened to see her bouncing along the roadway and rescued her. Other than lots of road rash and a broken rear leg, which was put into a cast–thanks McGowan Veterinary Hospital!–she’s fine.)

Also, the area underneath the bridge–the area not covered by the river–is also a popular spot for murder.

That was a decent enough way to get back on topic, yes?

My story idea, thanks to the instructor, was what if this guy decided to murder someone, and he goes under the bridge with his victim, only someone else had the same idea, and this someone else is there with his own victim as well? So, there are two men (or women?) who each see the other kill someone. How would that play out? Would they blackmail each other? If so, who would do it first? What would the outcome be?

I’m still working this out in my head (it’s cheaper than using paper). It would be neat to do it from the viewpoint of the murderer who decides to blackmail the other one first; usually, in books, it’s told from the viewpoint of the blackmail victim.

To tell the truth, I’m not sure what to do with this idea, since it doesn’t involve werewolves.

Smudge and her teddy bear.

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