Still waiting on Agent X

I sent a requested manuscript to Agent X back in May, and still no response. On the one hand, this is good: no rejection letter. On the other, frustrating: it’s been since May. Almost 5 months.

So I finally sucked up my not-considerable courage and wrote an e-mail, basically asking if Agent X had a chance to read the manuscript yet, no rush, understand you are busy, just wondering. I know better than to cop an attitude with someone who might make or break my writing career. (Yes, I know, there are plenty of other agents out there, but I just watched that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine gets a reputation for being a difficult patient and at the end, out of sheer desperation, she goes to a veterinarian for treatment, so I assume there is a secret network of agents passing information back and forth on potential clients, and therefore, if you treat one like crap, all the rest will snub you.)

That was a really long sentence.

To get back on track, Agent X responded to my e-mail a couple of hours later, apologizing for the delay and explaining that a long-time assistant had quit, and things were piling up. My manuscript, says the agent, is due to be read next month. October. I like the timing. Apt, for a werewolf novel. Wouldn’t it be neat if I heard something good–fingers crossed–on Halloween?

read my book, or i'll sic my werewolf on you.

(pic from The Wolfman remake courtesy Yahoo! image search wolfman)


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