Moooovieeeesss . . .

That was supposed to be a long, drawn out zombie moan. It looks more like what a cow would sound like. Ah well.

In keeping with my Halloween-themed blog posts of terror, horror, the supernatural, and candy corn, I present a list of my favorite horror movies. Not all involve monsters, and not all are good, but I like them anyway.

Black Sheep – Not the 1996 Chris Farley flick. This is a 2007 New Zealand movie about mutant carnivorous sheep. A bite from one of these sheep turns the victim into a . . . were-sheep. It’s best viewed with friends and a six-pack or three. Spoiler alert: the tree-hugging hippie above is the first of the were-sheep. I think the little mutant lamb on his back is kinda cute.

The Exorcist – Classic. Best watched after midnight with all the lights off and a Ouija board out for atmosphere. (Come on, you can buy them at Toys R Us, how haunted can they be?)

The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity – I lump these together because they kind of have the same plots: recently “discovered” or “released” footage of weird stuff happening to normal people. Bonus points if you watch Blair Witch outside in a tent.

Ginger Snaps – Yes, a werewolf movie is on the list. This one is kooky, involving teenaged sisters who like to stage their bloody deaths. One of them gets bitten by a lycanthrope and grows a tail.

Frailty – A father raises his two boys to believe certain people are demons, and they must be destroyed. Not a monster movie; it’s more of a psychological suspense thriller, but it is creepy.

An American Werewolf in London – The special effects hold up to this day. American hitchhikers wander on the English moors during a full moon. (Never wander on the English moors during a full moon.) Only one survives. Maybe he shouldn’t have.

Zoltan, Hound of Dracula – I saw this on cable many moons ago, when I was young and impressionable. I haven’t seen it since, but it’s stuck with me: vampire Doberman pinscher makes other vampire dogs in his search for Dracula’s descendant.

come on. a dog wearing a shroud and sitting in a coffin. you know you want to see this movie.

There are more, like the remake of Dawn of the Dead (fast zombies!) and 28 Days Later (fast zombie-like people who are actually infected with rage and therefore not technically zombies but I have heard this movie referred to as a zombie movie!) and Dog Soldiers (more werewolves! Scottish werewolves!). I could go on and on, and cover Stephen King movies and Pumpkinhead, among others, but this would turn into a really long post. This is the best time of year to watch your favorite scary movies, and maybe take a chance on some unknowns. (Black Sheep!)


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