Terror! On television!

There have been a lot of horror-themed, or supernatural-themed, TV shows over the years. Here is a partial list. I organized this according to stuff I saw; if anyone wants to add a show, feel free.

the guy living under your bed may not be a good guy.

The Twilight Zone

The 1985 to 1989 series; I was born after the Rod Serling incarnation (though I’ve seen many episodes on the SyFy channel). The episodes “The Shadow Man” and “A Little Peace and Quiet” stuck with me.

ah, horror anthology series . . . i miss you.

Tales from the Dark Side

1983 to 1988; it’s still shown in reruns on Chiller in the morning (at least it was when I bothered to get up that early, about 6 a.m. central standard time). The show featured a couple of adaptions of Stephen King short stories, like “Word Processor of the Gods”.

despite the above pic, the show was in color.

Eerie, Indiana

1991 to 1992; sort of The X-Files meets Mayberry.

i hear howling.

Wolf Lake

2001 to 2002; Lou Diamond Phillips and werewolves in Washington state. It didn’t last very long; from what I can remember, the werewolves were the four-footed, actual wolves incarnations.

happy slaysgiving!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1997 to 2003; funny, I didn’t care too much for the movie, but the show rocked. I don’t blame it for starting that sensitive vampire crap; for that, I blame Anne Rice.

you know you've made it when you've been simpsonized.

The X-Files

1993 to 2002; I enjoyed the non-UFO non-conspiracy episodes, the ones where Scully and Mulder faced off against monsters and haunted houses and once, werewolves.

get me those tps reports . . . or the kid dies.

American Gothic

1995 to 1996; starred that kid from Sling Blade and the boss from Office Space as an evil sheriff. No actual monsters, just the sheriff screwing with people and trying to turn the Sling Blade kid over to the dark side.

i imagine you can smell them coming a mile away.

The Walking Dead

2010 to present; based on the comic book series published by Image Comics. The dead rise! The world goes to shit! Chronicles the day-to-day survival of a group of people led by a small-town sheriff’s deputy.

Being Human

2010 to present; American adaption of the British TV series. Despite an aversion to vampires, I like this show, which is about a vampire and werewolf sharing a house with a ghost. The vamp and w’wolf have jobs, which I thought was a nice touch.

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