Werewolf stories . . .

that aren’t mine. You owe me for that.

I already covered the novel The Wolfman by Nicholas Pekearo; I thought this time around, I’d do the short stories/novellas.

Most of these (okay, all but one) come from short story collections. I wanted to include Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, but since it’s a collection of Christmas-themed werewolf stories, it’ll have to wait until December. (Seriously. Christmas-themed. Ho-ho-howl.)

this is why i don't drive with my windows down.

First off, a tale by the Man Himself, Stephen King. Cycle of the Werewolf is longer than a short story, so I call it a novella. It inspired the movie Silver Bullet. Featuring illustrations by comic book artist Bernie Wrightson, it spans a year in the lives of a wheelchair-bound lad, his uncle, a preacher, and a werewolf.

John Connolly, “The Cycle”. Double-meaning here, with a woman on a train, and the two teenaged boys who picked the wrong, shall we say, time of the month to mess with her. From his collection Nocturnes.

Suzy McKee Charnas, “Boobs”. Ah, the pains of being a girl: menstruation and lycanthropy. From the collection The Mammoth Book of Wolf Men.

(Being one myself, I tend to be drawn to the female werewolf stories.)

(I meant, of course, being a woman, I tend to be drawn to– Never mind.)

P.D. Cacek, “The Bitch”. Woman encounters her new boyfriend’s ex. From the collection Full Moon City.

Molly Tanzer, “In Sheep’s Clothing”. Has the best opening line I’ve read this year: “My daughter turned into a lamb and I ate her.” From the collection Running with the Pack.

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