I have heard rumors of a Flash movie

This interests me greatly, as I am a Flash fan. (Well, sort of. I used to read the comic book, back when Wally West, the old Kid Flash, was the Flash and Mark Waid wrote it, but somewhere along the way, I dropped it. I did watch the CBS/John Wesley Shipp TV show. But still, the Flash is one of my favorite DC heroes.)

(Yeah, I am such a nerd that I categorize my favorites by which company publishes them. Despite this nerdiness, I do manage to get laid. Occasionally.)

I am a Flash fan, and I fear that DC will screw this up, as they did the Green Lantern movie. Seriously, CGI costumes? Ryan Reynolds? He’s only good when he’s acting like a douche. See the movie Waiting; he’s good in that. If the Green Lantern movie had been about him using his ring to pants people and get laid, it would’ve been a box office smash. The Green Lantern cartoons are far, far superior.

Anonymous blog person: Which cartoons? Emerald Knights, or–

Me: Any of them.

Anonymous blog person: Hey, did you know there’s an X-rated movie parody of the Justice League? It features Green Lantern.

Me: I’m sure it too is far, far superior to the Reynolds movie.












Odd that Marvel has had multiple silver screen successes (Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, some of the X-Men flicks), while DC can’t seem to do anything that doesn’t involve Batman. At least as it applies to the 2000s Batmans. God save me from George Clooney as Bruce Wayne.

Or maybe it’s Christian Bale. Hmm. He would’ve made an interesting Green Lantern; why not? Chris Evans pulled double duty as the Human Torch and Captain America.

Oh my god, I am such a nerd.


3 thoughts on “I have heard rumors of a Flash movie

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    1. Yeah, and the second one, too. Except for that part where the S symbol on his chest became a giant piece of villain-trapping cellophane wrapping.

      I actually did like Superman Returns the first time I saw it, but when it finally sank in that he was, in essence, a dead-beat dad, I kinda lost it.

  1. geeks and nerds of the world unite! I loved those old comic book heroes. My favorite was The Legion of Superheroes, bet they won`t make a movie about that one, or at least I hope they don`t. Some things should be left to print! great post though

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