Stuck for a post today, the mosquitoes are out in full force, Walmart is playing Christmas music even though it’s still November, it’s 80 degrees outside even though it’s November . . . blah on this day. Here are some more things I cannot stand.

The misuse of it’s/its. Especially when it’s on a billboard overlooking the interstate. If I had paid for an advertisement, and some jack-off couldn’t be bothered to spell-check when he/she was designing the advertisement . . . there would be blood. Rivers of it.

Same goes for their/they’re/there. And were/where.

And god help whomever I hear say, “Where was you going?” Heard that three times today. At Walmart.


Also, judging by the amount of people at Walmart, that whole Small Business Saturday is not going to catch on. And hey, I might have gone to Walmart, but I did not buy anything.

Also, if I see one more truck with those stupid Truck Nutz hanging from it . . . it’s always driven by some Bubba with no idea how gay his truck looks . . . if you were going to show off how uber-hetero-macho you were, wouldn’t you hang a rubber vagina from your truck?

and you wonder why zombie liberace is stalking you.

5 thoughts on “Blah!

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    1. Because people are weird? I tried to find a pic of blue ones . . . I have been behind a large Dodge pick-em-up with these dangling below the trailer hitch, but no luck. I see them a lot here–

      Oh my god, I hope Truck Nutz aren’t a Texas thing.

  1. What a relief! Not a Texas/Southern thing. So . . . happy. Sure. That’s the emotion I’m feeling right now.

    I once saw a pair of gold ones. Golden Nutz. Let that sink in a bit.

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