I has employment!

Yes, I got a job. As a pharmacy technician, which is good, since that’s what I went to school for a year to become. I work at Giant Nameless Retail Giant. Just started today, and I’m already wishing I could stay in school forever. Provided I had no bills and stores took small stones as payment. Oh, and if my car ran on cat poo. (As I have cats, this would benefit me greatly. Sucks to be you, dog people.)

Now that I have a job, I can share interesting job stories. I already have one.

A teenager in a large pickup truck drove up to the drive thru window and asked for her prescriptions. No problem. I am helpful. I asked for the required info, fetched the drugs, discovered they were narcotics, which meant that I needed to see a driver’s license (or some form of photo ID that is not a school ID or a library card, but I said driver’s license) before I could sell them. I relayed this to the teenager, and received this reply:

“I don’t have a driver’s license! I’m just a teen!”

As she sat behind the wheel of a big honkin’ pickup truck with a Remington sticker on the rear glass.

Granted, she might’ve had a learner’s permit. She was of age. But she didn’t say that, didn’t offer it as a last-ditch effort to get her prescriptions.



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    1. Hm. Good point. Fortunately, things’re so busy there I don’t have much time to gab, so no one knows I have a blog. Secret identity!

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