Writing, page 10: For every beginning, there is an end

this is supposed to symbolize endings, but it looks more like the intro to a corona beer commercial.

The End.

Two very simple words that give a lot of writers a hard time. And by a lot of writers, I mean me and a few I’ve spoken to in online forums. (All right, I didn’t actually speak to them, I tapped some keys in response to their tapped keys.)

Maybe I just don’t have the right books, but the ones I do have on writing novels and short stories and etcetera don’t spend a lot of time, if any, on the ending of your story. Mucho info on beginning, middle, and giving your characters quirks (more on this later, by the way).

I really don’t have good advice on how to end your story. It’s like beginning it, I suppose; just go with what feels right. End on a cliffhanger. End with the death of the bad guy or the quest, and leave some loose ends to tie up in the next novel. End with happiness. End with sadness.

Just end the stupid thing; don’t draw it out like a bad stage actor hamming up his pivotal death scene. Get the hell off the stage already.

Like this post. Short, sweet, and to the point.


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