I put the pro in procrastinator

which is why it took me a year to finish painting one wall of a spare bedroom. I just finished it last week, so yay for me. Unfortunately, my tendency to foot drag means that I will be late in getting the rest of my short story out into the blogosphere . . . turns out that the cable/internet provider expects money for the gifts of HGTV and wordpress.com. That’s always been one of those bills I wait until the last minute to pay, I have no idea why. And it doesn’t really matter, because I’ve canceled my service and switched to DirecTV.

Unfortunately, I canceled my service before finding out how long it would take DirecTV to hook me up. Which is why I am typing this in Sertino’s Cafe rather than the comfy confines of my house. It is loud in here tonight. Lots of young people playing chess and board games, hopped up on coffee and camaraderie.

Due to get the internet back this weekend (fingers crossed, anyway). In the meantime, I will work on the story, promise, and upload it when I can.



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