Finally . . . the Internet!

Praise Al Gore, I am back online!

Internet, how I have missed you . . . the lolcats, the porn, the online banking, the porn, the trolls, the porn, the spam . . .

Haven’t actually missed it that much, minus this blog (oh yeah, and my photo blog, gotta update that soon). During my separation from the Internet, I learned a few things:

1. People look at you with a mixture of pity and confusion when you say that you do not have the Internet.

2. You can actually get shit done when there is no Internet to distract you. (Looking at you, streaming Netflix.)

3. Checking the ATM daily to keep abreast of your balance gets old fast.

4. I miss blogging.

Speaking of getting shit done . . . I am typing this whilst sitting in my newly painted/decorated office (aka third bedroom). I changed the wall color from beige and off-white trim to Clark & Kensington Granny Smith (green, baby!) and white trim. I have my collection of vintage cameras on a shelf in front of me, and a window to my left (which is currently allowing the rising sun to stab me in the eye; should’ve put more thought into the placement).

Now I need to finish my short story; apologies to my readers.


3 thoughts on “Finally . . . the Internet!

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  1. It is . . . read somewhere that green was supposed to be good for creativity, so we’ll see how that goes . . . so far, so good!

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