Avengin’ and defendin’ and Billy Zanin’

I saw The Avengers last Friday, the second showing of the day, in 3-D (or RealD or whatever it’s called where you have to wear glasses, but they’re not those dorky blue and red ones like the ones the guy standing next to Billy Zane wore in Back to the Future

and holy fuckin’ shit, Billy Zane is bald now!)

The Avengers was an awesome movie, and I plan to see it again, so that should count as a positive movie review. But it got me thinking that Marvel Studios should make another superhero team movie. And I don’t mean remake the Fantastic Four, because Jessica Alba.

I want to see the Defenders.

They were a sort of Celebrity Apprentice super group, a bunch of B- and C-list heroes who united for various missions. They did have the Hulk, and occasionally the Silver Surfer, but usually they had . . . um . . . that chick who looks like Thor in drag, Valkyrie, and . . . um . . . the Son of Satan. And apparently a Columbia Formula 10 ten-speed racer.

So my idea for the movie would be the Hulk, he’d be the sort of linchpin, and the Silver Surfer would be cool, and for a little something different, Doctor Strange and Son of Satan. I have no idea who they could fight, but maybe Satan?

Although Superman fighting Satan would be even better.

The Avengers! Yay!


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