Anonymous blog person: What the hell kind of title is that? Is that what you use when you can’t think of something clever? Your idea of clever, anyway.

Me: The original title was supposed to be “Supergay”, a play on Superbad the movie.

Anonymous blog person: You’ve totally lost me. What is this post about? It’s about something, right? Tell me this isn’t another apology for being lazy and too focused on playing your new copy of Batman: Arkham City.

Me: OMG, it’s an awesome game! I found a copy at Best Buy that came with this kick-ass statue of Batman, and free downloads for Robin and Catwoman and I’ve finally hooked up with the Playstation Network, and–

Anonymous blog person: Speaking of Batman, DC Comics just announced that they’ll be re-introducing an established, formerly straight, character as gay. Were you going to post on that?

Me: Oh, yeah. Right. I was. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Anonymous blog person: That surprises me.

Me: I don’t mean that I’m against gay superheroes, or gays in general, real or fictional. I’m not, it’s just . . . Archie Comics has a gay character, Marvel had one way back in the 90s, he was part of Alpha Flight, can’t recall his name right now . . . my point is, these are all good characters. Why not make a villain gay?

Anonymous blog person: Um . . .

Me: I guess DC’s afraid of people saying, “Oh sure, he/she is a villain, DC thinks gays are evil, let’s boycott them.” But really, why not? People are good, people are bad, people are a mix of both, sexuality doesn’t matter. Personally, Elton John has always reminded me of a supervillain, with those costumes he wore in the 70s. I’d like to see a villain, one who just happens to be gay. His or her sexuality isn’t the driving force behind their crimes.

Anonymous blog person: Rawhide Kid.

Me: What?

Anonymous blog person: Rawhide Kid, the Western comic book character. Marvel relaunched him as gay. He was in a series, “Slap Leather”? Was it called “Slap Leather”?

Me: I think it was. He’s not the Alpha Flight guy I was talking about. Good example, though.

Anonymous blog person: Elton John would have made a good Dr. Octopus, when you think about it.


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