Readin’! And yet more readin’!

Summer is when I read a lot. I don’t know if it’s because it’s too hot to want to do anything else besides curl up indoors under the AC vents with a good (or even a meh) book—

Come to think of it, it is because of the heat.

So far, I’ve read Untouchable (Scott O’Connor) and 32 Fangs (David Wellington). And those are just since the beginning of May. So far, Summer 2012 is my book bitch. Right now I’m on Nocturnal, by Scott Sigler. I’d read one of his other books, Infected, so I knew what to expect: a fast-pace, gory scenes, out-of-left-field plots.

I use Goodreads (y’all may have noticed the little box advertising it at the bottom of my blog’s front page), and thanks to it, I’ve got about 1o more books to look for after I finish Sigler’s. Which, if I continue at my current pace, will be around the middle of June, if not earlier.

I think Nocturnal is good so far, but it is a bit violent, so it might not be everyone’s cup o’ tea. I also find that the main cop character is a bit . . . hardboiled? I don’t think that’s right. He reminds me of an ’80s action movie cop, the kind of guy who can blow people away without batting an eye. Not much in the way of characterization, I think, but there’s still time for him to develop.

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    1. I’ve found it to be a neat little site. I haven’t read poolside in a while (only pool around me is the city one, and it’s full of noisy children), but I have read oceanside, and that is pretty relaxing. Until the tide comes in.

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