I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn . . .

and liked it.

I’ve been a fan since her first novel, Sharp Objects, which was a twisted novel about a twisted family. Next was Dark Places, which was a sort of 1980s Gothic, all Bruce Springsteen and Farm Aid, with a shot of John Cougar Mellencamp thrown in for good measure.

Gone Girl revolves around a story that’s unfortunately familiar: Pretty wife goes missing. Husband doesn’t seem all that upset, but maybe he’s in shock. Sure, that’s it. Oh wait, he has a much younger mistress. Wait some more: the wife was pregnant. Still wait: the wife and hubby were having money troubles.

Then there’s this purple-nurple-delivered-by-a-second-grade-bully-twist in the tale about three-quarters (maybe less) in, and whoever you were rooting for in the book (husband Nick or wife Amy), it might make you switch sides.

The book’s told from two different perspectives: Nick and Amy, both in the first person, and it works great, especially after The Big Reveal (the purple nurple twist) that I won’t ruin here.

I’ve been on a roll since reading/suffering Julie Powell’s Cleaving. Nothing like a meh book to inspire you to read better books. It’s like watching/suffering Batman and Robin (damn you, George Clooney and your bat nipples!) and then going on a marathon viewing of Chris Nolan’s Batman movies (countdown to The Dark Knight Rises: 9 days).

speaking of purple nurples . . .


3 thoughts on “I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn . . .

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  1. I hear the ending of this doesn’t resolve much so I’m a little nervous to read it. I love the cover though. Do you think the ending did the work it needed to? I read Sharp Objects and liked it!

    1. Yeah, it kind of just . . . ends. It leaves you free to imagine what might happen, and I was okay with that, but I do wish it’d had more of a definite “this is what happened, this person was punished/rewarded” ending.

      1. I think I might still read it – I just don’t want it to be an ending where I have to throw the book across the room.

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