I read The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

. . . and liked it.

It’s your basic coming-of-age tale, narrated by Julia, an 11-year-old girl with a crush on a boy with a cancer-stricken mother and a mom and dad in marital distress: her dad’s having an affair with her piano teacher. And her best friend just dropped her like a hot rock.

And, oh yeah, the earth’s rotation has slowed, turning the usual 24-hour day into a 26-hour day. And the planet just . . . keeps . . . slowing . . . down.

So there’s a bit of a twist to this story.

The slowing of the earth is almost, but not quite, background to Julia’s story. It impacts her, of course, but she’s more concerned with her lack of a social life and the aforementioned boy. And that’s fine. But I would have liked to know how the slowing affected other areas, like pop culture. Agriculture is mentioned (23 hours of steady daylight is not good for crops), but that’s about it. This is just nit-picking, I guess. The story’s good, and since this is Walker’s first book, I’m curious as to what she writes next.

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