I start juicing

Not in the Jose Canseco-Sammy Sosa-Mark McGwire kind of way; in the vegetable-fruit juice kind of way. One sleepless night last week, I watched, via Netflix, a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, about this Australian dude who goes on a 60-day juice fast as a way to get healthy again. Until I watched this movie, I was under the impression that all Australian dudes looked like this:

. . . but no, there are fat guys too, just like here in America. And so, this particular fat guy starts veg and fruit juicing, and gets this big ol’ truck driver guy to do it too, and voilà, success, at least according to the documentary.

It did get me to start thinking that I’m not eating all that many fruits and vegetables, unless they come in pies and fried batter coatings. I’ve been working out, yes, but I haven’t changed my eating habits all that much. I have to duck my head here and admit that I’ve eaten what I’ve wanted, because in the back of my rather thick head is the thought that I’ll work off tomorrow whatever I shove into my mouth today.

It’s taken the documentary, plus some Internet research and a trip to the gym to meet with a trainer (said meeting also included body mass index calculations and measurements and a very chilling weigh-in) to get me finally decide to change my eating habits. This came at an opportune time, as it is grocery shopping time and my fridge is a bit empty.

So yesterday I bought a GE juice extractor and today, less than three hours ago, I bought what science calls “a buttload of fruits and vegetables”. The Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead doc has a website, www.jointhereboot.com, which has a ton of recipes for juices, plus plans to follow.

I like plans, so I printed off the Long Weekend Reboot (I feel like a rebel here, as it is not yet the weekend) and made the breakfast and midmorning juices. These contain carrots and apples and celery, stuff I don’t normally eat. Unless the apples come in pies, and the carrots and celery are stuffed inside a turkey.

But I juiced them up (destroying things in a giant appliance amuses me to no end) and drank them down. Just finished the midmorning juice, and so far, feeling fine. I’m not hungry, which is a good and surprising thing.


3 thoughts on “I start juicing

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  1. OMG I am doing the same thing! I sat in place so long from writing my book that I ate like crap and started feeling horrible. My kids asked me what the juice tasted like, and the best answer I could give them was “liquid stems.”

    All in all it’s not that bad, and I am feeling much better only after a week. Keep posting and let me know how it’s going.

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