I continue to juice, but it will not be all the time, just occasionally.

This is the third day of my 3-day juice fast, and it has gone better than expected. I stuck to it, which was a very big deal. I find that it’s easy for me to quit things, rationalizing that I can always pick them up at a later time.

Well, not this time, life.

I drank juice for breakfast. For a mid-morning snack. For lunch. For a mid-afternoon snack. For dinner.

And, you know what?

1. Fresh apples and grapes make awesome juice. Suck it, Welch’s!

2. I hate radishes and beets, and I hate them more in juice. Suck it, “V28 Juice”!

3. When you open a can of beets, because you are unable to find them fresh, your cats will come running, because tuna comes in cans, ergo, can opening = tuna opening = tuna juice with bits of tuna = fat, happy cats. Beets, however, = disappointed, unhappy cats.

4. Cats hold grudges. A cat grudge = human pain.

5. Some juices smell bad. You may not notice the smell, but your coworkers will, and they will complain and throw hissy fits.

6. Beets, radishes, and red onions, when combined with other veggies, make smelly juices.

7. GE’s juice extractor will continue to leak juice even after switched off, for a few minutes after you have finished making your juice. Put a towel or something underneath the spout. What leaks out looks like it should be roped off with that yellow crime scene tape.

8. I feel pretty good, better than when I started. I don’t know if it’s psychological, or if I was lacking that much in the nutrient department, but I do feel good.

I’m not going to relay only on juice, however.


Also, this fresh stuff is freakin’ expensive. For three days of juicing, I spent almost $70.

I plan to juice for breakfast and mid-morning, though, and have something healthy for lunch. Juice again for dinner, or a plate of steamed vegetables. Depends on my work schedule and what is going on in my life. I am not turning down a chance to go to Olive Garden with my family.

Most importantly, I’m cutting out the junk food . . . really, what is so great about M&Ms?

everything? sweet, crunchy candy coating . . . cool, happy chocolate . . . so many pretty colors . . .



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