I finally catch up to 2010


Some things have happened in my life, good things, in the midst of posting the werewolf and Father’s Day short stories, and I haven’t had a chance to comment on them, because I hated the idea of pausing the stories–breaking character, so to speak. But now the stories are finished, and . . . whatever, here is what I have been doing.

I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 5. Up until 4 weeks ago, I had a GoPhone, one of those prepaid ones that the terrorists are always using. I rationalized it thusly: I have few friends (okay, none). I do not text much. I do not participate in the social media. I have no need for a “smart” phone.

But I do like my iPod Touch. And I thought it was neat that I could access the Internet through it, as long as I was at a Wi-Fi hotspot. It was a bit of hassle, though, having to remember it and my cell phone when I left the house. I oftentimes had to turn around and go back home, because I had remembered my iPod but had forgotten my phone.

Such is life.

Then my brother got an iPhone and I decided I had to have one, too.

Such is sibling life.

I like my phone. I downloaded all my songs to it, so I always remember to have it with me. I can also access WordPress from it, so that’s pretty cool too. I am watching you, Internet.

I also joined a gang–okay, a car club. The Wildhorse Mustang Club of Southeast Texas, which also has a charter from the Mustang Club of America. Basically, I joined two clubs at once (though I have separate dues, so maybe I really didn’t, whatever). I have two Mustangs, a 2009 California Special and a 1966 convertible with a 289 and a bad carburetor. The carb’s getting replaced soon with a 4-barrel Holley. It’s weird, I can whip out the laptop and tune the ’09, and whip out a Stanley screwdriver and tune the ’66.

In joining the car club, I unintentionally joined the social media scene as well, since the members use Facebook and e-mails and texting to communicate. I recently created a Facebook profile, something I have done before, when I was in college a couple of years ago. But I deleted the account when I graduated, because again, the no friends thing. But now I have one again.

Aaaannnddd after that, I decided to get a Twitter account too, because Joe Hill, one of my favorite authors, uses it, and I wanted to read his tweets. (Is that right? Tweets? Jesus.) I have since discovered I can use Twitter right here on this here WordPress blog, so I’ll be doing that. Sue me, I’m old enough to remember when there was no Internet. I also remember VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and where I was when I heard Kurt Cobain died. (Fifth period art class.)

Speaking of Twitter, I now have 2 followers, which is kinda fun. I suppose this means I must tweet on occasion.

Oh, right. @grafiklit

What else . . . I am ending my photography blog, because I am lazy and two blogs is too much. I am going to be posting pics here, when I get around to it. Sorry to the special few who are following it. I will put a final post up there, and then end it after a week. I now must reveal that I am going to Germany in August with my mom (a native West German; see, I am old enough to remember when there were two Germanys) for a month of sightseeing, relative seeing, and food. I am bringing my camera, so expect lots of exciting vacation pics. (Not really. I’ll post a few, and I may post some adventures, but I’ve never warmed up to vacation/travel blogs, so don’t expect too much.)

Uhhh . . . . (tapping on keys, deleting jljfoijen) . . . I also bought an iMac. I’m typing on it right now, and it’s nifty. I like the Mountain Lion operating system. I was hesitant, since I’ve been a Windows girl since XP (moment of silence), but I’ve heard bad things about Windows 8, and I wanted a desktop/all-in-one so I could work on my photos (Adobe Photoshop and 600+ photos was too much for my laptop’s memory to handle, it seems), that I trudged down to Best Buy and checked out their stock. The Mac isn’t that much different from my iPhone, so learning it has been a breeze. I still have my laptop for writing in bed and the rare trip to Starbucks. I am feeling very tech-savvy now.

It just took a few years.


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