Anonymous Blog Person’s Guide to Man of Steel


All right, I finally saw Man of Steel today. No children in Superman costumes.

I hesitate to call this movie a reboot or retool; it exists, I think, as its very own movie. It’s a movie about Superman, but has nothing to do with Christopher Reeve (the same could not be said for Superman Returns).

The classic Superman origin is there: baby Kal-El is put in a little ship before Krypton goes boom, he lands in Kansas, he does heroic-type stuff. Way more action in this one, but it’s balanced with flashbacks to his childhood. Since Zack Snyder directed it, I expected slo-mo punching and action scenes, like in 300 and Watchmen, but it didn’t happen. At times, actually, the action is a bit too frantic, especially in the latter part of the movie.

Nitpicking time: how does Superman shave? He grows a beard, he has short hair, but he’s invulnerable, so how the hell does he groom? And don’t give me that “his hair isn’t invulnerable” stuff, because no. There’s a scene where he’s on fire, his pants are burning, and his hair and beard are perfect. Unaffected. Also, when the Kryptonians come to earth, what language are they speaking? Eh, maybe English and . . . uh . . . Kryptonian? Kryptish? are the same.

Jimmy Olsen did not appear, at least not that I noticed. Good.

Henry Cavill did not sport a spit-curl. Good.

No red underwear. Good.

No “kneel before Zod”. Bad.

No Kryptonite! Argh! Superman weakens! Good.

I’m used to seeing Michael Shannon/Zod play a distracted, slightly off-kilter dude (see Bug and Take Shelter, especially the last one, it was awesome), so seeing him play an intense, focused villain was interesting.

No mention of Bruce Wayne or Gotham City, so I guess DC isn’t doing a Marvel Studios-style lead-in to the Justice League movie, if it ever happens. There were a few hints about the possible subject of the sequel, if it gets made.

I liked the heat vision special effects! Neat!

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  1. The man of steel has captured the imagination of men an women alike. Superman has lead us to a journey of a possibility of reaching our potential. If you ask me, I would to be the best version of my self.

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