So, dumbass, where were you?

I was in Germany, Bavaria to be exact.

My mom’s German (she met my dad while he was stationed there in the early 70s), and every few years she goes back. Visits relatives, sees some sights, reminisces, drinks a lot of beer. Two years ago, she brought along my brother. This year, it was my turn.

The thing was, I fully intended to finish my short story before I left, but . . . well . . . I didn’t. And then I intended to finish it over there, but . . . well . . . German keyboards are fucked up and I got frustrated and quit.

For starters, the Y and Z keys are switched, and the German language has 3 vowels with umlauts (2 little dots above the following vowels: A, O, and U), so there were some extra keys there, not to mention this thing: ß, which looks like a B but is actually used in place of a double s, and this is all sounding like a piss-poor excuse, I guess.

I did manage to check my email. So welcome and thanks to the new followers, those of you who are real.

I have a shit-ton of pictures (filled up 4 memory cards), and I have plans to post a few here and there, along with my adventures. I’m looking forward to this; I loaded Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 on this Mac a few months ago and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. The Mac comes with iPhoto, which is supposed to be pretty good too, but I’d rather give Photoshop a spin.

All right, so, I’m back, and Halloween is around the corner, so that means October will be full of Halloween and horror-themed posts. I have a werewolf story in the rough draft stages, and plans to do a post on Ted Bundy. I also have this weird hankering to watch some “Nature’s Revenge” movies, like Jaws and Grizzly and The Swarm, so expect some posts on that sort of stuff.

My Netflix queue is about to get strange.

Deer ragout with potato dumplings. I gained like 5 pounds over there.
Deer ragout with potato dumplings. I gained like 5 pounds over there.

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