Mainbernheim, Germany, 8/7/2013

More pics from the Deutschland adventure. Mainbernheim is a tiny village in the Bavaria part of Germany, my mom’s home town. It’s weird, being an American in this country; what I think of as old, like from the Civil War or even the Revolutionary War, is nothing here. A drop in the bucket of time. This village, for instance, dates back to at least the late 800s.

The late eight hundreds.

Holy shit.

Stuff has been rebuilt and demolished and built again; I don’t know if I saw anything here that was that old, but there’s a wall that surrounds the village, and according to Mom, it dates back to the Middle Ages. She showed me parts of it where she and her friends used to climb up and walk around the village. There are still some parts of the streets that are cobble-stoned.


Okay, well, not here. This is not far from where we stayed with my cousin and her husband and eight-year-old son, in a newer section of town.


However, oldness wasn’t far behind. This is part of the village wall. To the right, more houses. Those are old cobblestones on the lower right, blending into newer cobblestones.

Mainbernheim is home to Bayern-Schmidt, a candy company that makes the Haribo¬†gummy bears. And gummy frogs. Gummy cherries. Gummy race cars. They used to make gingerbread as well, but that’s been outsourced. To Turkey, I was told.

See, it happens everywhere.

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  1. My Grandfather was from Mainbernheim. Unfortunatley he died before I was born. I have some old post cards, early 1900’s, that were sent to him and have pictures of the Village on them. Surprisingly they look very much the same as the village does today. My last name is not common in the US and I was wondering if I would be able to find anyone with the same last name still in Mainbernheim. I speak no German, so it is a difficult task. Thanks for you post it was nice to find out something about his hometown.

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