Real life horror: Matawan, New Jersey


insert jaws theme music here.

(Rerun here, because it’s the hundredth anniversary of these attacks.)

I’m profiling a different sort of killer today: the shark (or sharks) responsible for the Matawan Creek attacks in 1916.

It started on July 1, 1916, when 23-year-old Charles Van Sant arrived in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Eager to escape the heat, the vacationing Philadelphian dove into the Atlantic Ocean. He was about fifty feet from shore when other swimmers noticed a large shadow following him. He never heard their warning cries. The shadow pulled him under. A few moments later, the area where he’d been turned red.

Alexander Ott, a former Olympic swimmer, raced to Van Sant’s rescue. Ignoring the injured man’s attacker, Ott found Van Sant, pulled him up to the surface, and then to shore. Van Sant’s legs were mangled. He bled to death on the beach.

If this had happened today, it’d…

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