(Or, it’s not my fault I haven’t written anything in a while.)

I live in southeast Texas, which means that in the last week of August, Hurricane Harvey (technically not a hurricane at the time) decided to just SIT over my little town and dump about 52 inches of water. Places flooded that had never before flooded. Interstate 10 was Atlantis. I started Googling “how to attach an outboard motor to your car”.

My neighborhood, somehow, was fine. I got a few puddles in the yard, and a branch landed on my old truck, but overall, for me, it was just a long thunderstorm. (Until the power went off, and stayed off for over a week. Electrical substations, it turns out, do not like four feet of water.)

My mom, however, wasn’t so lucky. There’s nothing like getting a panicked text at three in the morning from your parent because there’s ankle-deep water coming inside her house. I told her to get inside her truck, because the F-150 sat higher, and wait until daylight. Meanwhile, I hit Facebook.

For all its problems, Facebook came through that night, and I was able to message the Cajun Navy. By nine that morning, she was sitting in my living room.

She’s still here. My brother is working his ass off tearing out her sodden drywall and insulation so we can rebuild. The bright spot to all this is that she’s finally getting her dream kitchen. And I like having her here. We get along great (although one of my cats is not pleased).


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