I read NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

. . . and liked it. I also read Stewart O'Nan's┬áThe Good Wife and Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography, but I won't be reviewing them right now, other than to say Stewart O'Nan is a good writer and Steve Jobs was kind of an asshole. And a genius. A genius asshole. I suppose I should... Continue Reading →


Wolfsbane and Mistletoe – 2!

Last year, I did a post about a book called Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, a collection of werewolf-and-Christmas-themed short stories. I've started a tradition of reading a few stories out of it at this time of year, because nothing says "holiday festivities" like lycanthropes and jingle bells. This has led me to daydream about what would... Continue Reading →

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