Things that won’t be in the Marvel movies. Probably. (Part 2)

The Scarlet Witch goes ape-shit banana-pants bonkers crazy on a semi-regular basis. To be fair, it's been a couple of comic book years since Wanda Maximoff, AKA the Scarlet Witch, has gone Charles Manson on the Marvel Universe. But oh boy, when she does, holy cheeseballs, heroes. We're talking death, widespread destruction, and the near-extinction... Continue Reading →



Anonymous blog person: What the hell kind of title is that? Is that what you use when you can't think of something clever? Your idea of clever, anyway. Me: The original title was supposed to be "Supergay", a play on Superbad the movie. Anonymous blog person: You've totally lost me. What is this post about? It's about... Continue Reading →

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