The Werewolf and the Haunted House – 1

(From Ghostly Legends and Monstrous Myths of Texas, by Harrison Folger, copyright 1994 by Big Armadillo Press at the University of Texas) On October 30, 1920, Merllyn Sanger came home to his two-story frame house after a 12-hour shift at the Collins Paper Mill. Sanger, like most people in his tiny community, didn't have a... Continue Reading →


Real life horror: Dean Corll

Repeat because it’s summertime funtime bumming time.


no, i’m a nice guy. have some candy.

From Wisconsin (Ed Gein) we travel to my home state of Texas, for a lesson on why you should not take candy from strangers.

Dean Corll was born in 1939 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His family moved to Texas in 1950, settling in Vidor, a small town roughly 90 miles from Houston. Corll played trombone in the school band and graduated from Vidor High in 1958. Shortly afterward, the Corll family packed up and moved to Houston, where Corll’s mother continued the small candy company she’d started in Vidor.

The “Pecan Prince” candy company specialized in pecan chewies, pralines, and divinity. Corll ran the assembly line and endeared himself to the neighborhood boys (!) by handing out free candy (!!) and taking them to picnics at the beach in his van (!!!). In 1968, Corll’s mother closed the business and moved to…

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