Why I can’t watch A Christmas Story

I know it’s a tad late (or waaaay early) for a Christmas-type post, but eh. Since I ruined Peter Pan, I thought I should ruin A Christmas Story, that delightful tale about a boy, his B.B. gun wish, and . . . uh, Kolchak the Night Stalker’s leg lamp. The movie, based on author Jean Shepherd’s semi-fictional anecdotes, premiered in 1983 and now runs on TBS every freakin’ Christmas Eve for 24 hours. The first couple years it came on, I was cool with it. Yay, Christmas! and all that. But now. I made the mistake of getting interested in … Continue reading Why I can’t watch A Christmas Story

I have heard rumors of a Flash movie

This interests me greatly, as I am a Flash fan. (Well, sort of. I used to read the comic book, back when Wally West, the old Kid Flash, was the Flash and Mark Waid wrote it, but somewhere along the way, I dropped it. I did watch the CBS/John Wesley Shipp TV show. But still, the Flash is one of my favorite DC heroes.) (Yeah, I am such a nerd that I categorize my favorites by which company publishes them. Despite this nerdiness, I do manage to get laid. Occasionally.) I am a Flash fan, and I fear that DC … Continue reading I have heard rumors of a Flash movie

Moooovieeeesss . . .

That was supposed to be a long, drawn out zombie moan. It looks more like what a cow would sound like. Ah well. In keeping with my Halloween-themed blog posts of terror, horror, the supernatural, and candy corn, I present a list of my favorite horror movies. Not all involve monsters, and not all are good, but I like them anyway. Black Sheep – Not the 1996 Chris Farley flick. This is a 2007 New Zealand movie about mutant carnivorous sheep. A bite from one of these sheep turns the victim into a . . . were-sheep. It’s best viewed with … Continue reading Moooovieeeesss . . .


. . . also known as the reason I am staying indoors for the duration of the winter and avoiding all human contact. If forced to leave my carefully hermetically sealed house, I am going out garbed ala Invader Zim in that episode where he went all freaky germaphobic. Totally like that. But add a face shield and a modified electric pet fence to gently electrocute anyone who gets too close. Okay, I know, I’m going a bit overboard. I still have to finish college. I can’t become a shut-in yet. And really, the movie didn’t freak me out that much. … Continue reading Contagion