Title: A retail tale. Or a retale? A tale of retail? (Crap, I dunno.)

I work as a pharmacy technician at Giant Nameless Retail Giant. This is not my ideal job, mostly because I dislike retail. Every once in a while, though, something happens that makes me like my job immensely. An example: Last Thursday afternoon. Let me set the stage, paint a picture: Flu season is in full bloom. We’ve been out of flu shots for a couple of weeks. DayQuil and NyQuil and the store’s generic alternatives have flown off the shelves. The media’s constant screaming about a flu epidemic or pandemic or whatever is not helping. Our own store’s overhead commercials … Continue reading Title: A retail tale. Or a retale? A tale of retail? (Crap, I dunno.)

I continue to juice, but it will not be all the time, just occasionally.

This is the third day of my 3-day juice fast, and it has gone better than expected. I stuck to it, which was a very big deal. I find that it’s easy for me to quit things, rationalizing that I can always pick them up at a later time. Well, not this time, life. I drank juice for breakfast. For a mid-morning snack. For lunch. For a mid-afternoon snack. For dinner. And, you know what? 1. Fresh apples and grapes make awesome juice. Suck it, Welch’s! 2. I hate radishes and beets, and I hate them more in juice. Suck it, “V28 … Continue reading I continue to juice, but it will not be all the time, just occasionally.

I start juicing

Not in the Jose Canseco-Sammy Sosa-Mark McGwire kind of way; in the vegetable-fruit juice kind of way. One sleepless night last week, I watched, via Netflix, a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, about this Australian dude who goes on a 60-day juice fast as a way to get healthy again. Until I watched this movie, I was under the impression that all Australian dudes looked like this: . . . but no, there are fat guys too, just like here in America. And so, this particular fat guy starts veg and fruit juicing, and gets this big ol’ truck … Continue reading I start juicing

High impact woman: Day 22. Or whatever.

Anonymous blog person: So how goes the destruction of Planet Earth, vile villainess? Me: Meh. Anonymous blog person: Not going so well? Me: It’s expensive, trying to be environmentally unconscious. Anonymous blog person: How so? Me: The engine in that giant car I bought locked up. I had to pay to have it hauled away. At least I have the oil stain in the driveway to gaze at. Also, I decided that I wanted to wear a coat inside my house this summer, so I cranked down the thermostat, ran both ceiling fans, and opened the refrigerator and freezer doors. … Continue reading High impact woman: Day 22. Or whatever.


My brother M came over yesterday, bearing a surprise: the Cthulu statue I had wanted. He reads my blog, as it turns out, and was at the comic book store picking up an issue of Spawn, saw it, and decided to surprise his dear old sis– Wait a minute. My brother reads my blog. Uh-oh. um. Sorry about that post. Um. Heh. Kittens! Continue reading Yay!!!