I put the pro in procrastinator

which is why it took me a year to finish painting one wall of a spare bedroom. I just finished it last week, so yay for me. Unfortunately, my tendency to foot drag means that I will be late in getting the rest of my short story out into the blogosphere . . . turns out that the cable/internet provider expects money for the gifts of HGTV and wordpress.com. That’s always been one of those bills I wait until the last minute to pay, I have no idea why. And it doesn’t really matter, because I’ve canceled my service and switched to … Continue reading I put the pro in procrastinator


That is supposed to be an evil laugh. I think I need to practice it more, maybe get a vocal coach like Dr. Horrible. (Just watched NPH in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Funny, touching, musical forty-minute-or-so program. I recommend it.) It’s been a while since I posted anything, so here I am, and I bring you news from the really-real world: I have an agent. And now this means I have work, besides my day job, coming up with marketing and promotion plans (and following through on them) and I guess editing on my much-maligned manuscript. Excuse the alliteration. I’m reading Double Dexter, and there’s a bit of that … Continue reading Moo-haa-haa-h

I has employment!

Yes, I got a job. As a pharmacy technician, which is good, since that’s what I went to school for a year to become. I work at Giant Nameless Retail Giant. Just started today, and I’m already wishing I could stay in school forever. Provided I had no bills and stores took small stones as payment. Oh, and if my car ran on cat poo. (As I have cats, this would benefit me greatly. Sucks to be you, dog people.) Now that I have a job, I can share interesting job stories. I already have one. A teenager in a large pickup truck drove up to … Continue reading I has employment!

The truest life horror I know

Today is Halloween, which means the last day of my Halloween-themed posts. (Except for Christmas-time, but that’s another tale.) Fret not; I will continue to cover the weird, freaky stuff of our planet. I wanted to make this last October post somethin’ special, a razzmatazz of rollickin’ rowdy writin’. I wracked my brain all week and all today, searching for the right whatever. I already covered, briefly, the origin of Halloween. Did a fair bit on serial killers. I even blogged about sharks and James Dean’s car. I came up empty, though. Disgruntled, I watched Food Network. Then it hit me. Chopped wasn’t … Continue reading The truest life horror I know

Still waiting on Agent X

I sent a requested manuscript to Agent X back in May, and still no response. On the one hand, this is good: no rejection letter. On the other, frustrating: it’s been since May. Almost 5 months. So I finally sucked up my not-considerable courage and wrote an e-mail, basically asking if Agent X had a chance to read the manuscript yet, no rush, understand you are busy, just wondering. I know better than to cop an attitude with someone who might make or break my writing career. (Yes, I know, there are plenty of other agents out there, but I … Continue reading Still waiting on Agent X