Mainbernheim, Germany, 8/7/2013

More pics from the Deutschland adventure. Mainbernheim is a tiny village in the Bavaria part of Germany, my mom’s home town. It’s weird, being an American in this country; what I think of as old, like from the Civil War or even the Revolutionary War, is nothing here. A drop in the bucket of time. This village, for instance, dates back to at least the late 800s. The late eight hundreds. Holy shit. Stuff has been rebuilt and demolished and built again; I don’t know if I saw anything here that was that old, but there’s a wall that surrounds … Continue reading Mainbernheim, Germany, 8/7/2013

Nurnberg (Nuremberg) Germany, 8/7/2013

I’m still picking through the 1600-plus photographs that I took during my German vacation. I get a little power drunk with the digital camera, since I can take 300-400 pics on a single memory card, and erase those that I don’t like, so this may take a while. In the meantime, here’s some shots taken outside the Nurnberg (Nuremberg) airport the day Mom and I landed, August 7. I use a Canon Rebel Ti4, and my preferred lens is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4. For this trip, I brought all my lenses (5, including the kit lens), which made my … Continue reading Nurnberg (Nuremberg) Germany, 8/7/2013