Podcasts! (Or, It’s Not Too Late to Like Them Before They’re Cool)

I don’t know how it is in your cozy little corner of the world, but in my corner of southeast Texas, when I mention that I listen to podcasts, I always have to stop and explain what it is. “It’s radio, basically. Internet talk radio. You download episodes on your phone and you can listen to them whenever. It’s great.” At this point, the listener’s eyes will begin to glaze. “You have an iPhone, right? There’s a podcast app, it’s purple and says ‘Podcasts’. Just press it and there you go.” Now the listener is nodding and regretting his/her decision … Continue reading Podcasts! (Or, It’s Not Too Late to Like Them Before They’re Cool)

But it counts, right?

As of right now, I have 386 followers. Pretty good, right? I started this blog a couple of years ago and was happy when I had 1 follower, off the moon when I reached 10. One hundred was cause for celebration. Somewhere around that time, I think, was when I was Freshly Pressed, and my numbers jumped a bit. Then I hit 200, then 300, and now . . . I dunno. I notice that a lot of my followers have WordPress blogs with names like advertisinginflatable and localareanews. They seem a . . . bit spam-ish. And their posts … Continue reading But it counts, right?

Jokey joke time!

I made up a joke today while at work. I work at a pharmacy, so I was kinda in drug mode. A coworker was telling me about this baby kangaroo that a customer had sitting in her lap while she waited at the drive-thru yesterday, and that led to talk of other weird pets, like reptiles and babies. And while I was thinking that only in Texas would someone have a baby kangaroo and wishing I had a small monkey that would fling feces at my enemies (I’d call her Itty Bitty Shitty Poo Pie), I came up with the following … Continue reading Jokey joke time!

I put the pro in procrastinator

which is why it took me a year to finish painting one wall of a spare bedroom. I just finished it last week, so yay for me. Unfortunately, my tendency to foot drag means that I will be late in getting the rest of my short story out into the blogosphere . . . turns out that the cable/internet provider expects money for the gifts of HGTV and wordpress.com. That’s always been one of those bills I wait until the last minute to pay, I have no idea why. And it doesn’t really matter, because I’ve canceled my service and switched to … Continue reading I put the pro in procrastinator