The Werewolf and the Zombies – 4

"So this one is pretty cool . . . see that thing on the wall? Let me enlarge it . . . and there you go. When you rip off a drug dealer in San Antonio, they cut off your dick and thumb tack it to the wall." I sipped my green tea. "Lonely Planet... Continue Reading →


The Werewolf and the Zombies – 3

I have no idea why I tell him. He mentions it first, the discovery the previous day of two badly decomposed bodies in a rundown trailer at the end of some narrow road off of Highway 849. A friend of one of the deceased men went to pay a visit (read: score some drugs) and... Continue Reading →

The Werewolf and the Zombies (A Fun Sequel!) – 1

Saturday, 7:17 a.m. 2500 Crescent Drive, Mitchum Bay, Texas Brittany (she preferred Britt) Parrish trotted across the front yard belonging to her best friend and neighbor Daniele Peterson, feeling irritated but not concerned. The two families had planned to spend the day at the Houston Zoo, and they were supposed to be on the road... Continue Reading →

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