5 Cannibals, 1 Werewolf – part eight (conclusion)

There is a monster inside me, a dark thing that is mostly sharp claws, sharper teeth, and blood lust. That need to kill is always with me, awake or asleep. You don't want to know what my dreams are about. I can lie and say the beast really isn't me, and to further my lie,... Continue Reading →


5 Cannibals, 1 Werewolf – part seven

"You ain't human," she said. "Oh, shut up," I muttered. I turned my back on her and walked to the Saturn. A set of dog tags hung from its rearview mirror. I opened the driver-side door. The interior was cakedĀ in dried blood, the driver's seat hacked and slashed to the springs. I turned to lady-man.... Continue Reading →

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