The Werewolf and the Money – 3

We reached the airport without incident. No sign of the truck. Tracy, I noticed, slumped to her right, close to the door, far from me. I passed the main entrance to the airport, aiming instead for the maintenance road, which would take us to the field. I cut the headlights before turning on it; the... Continue Reading →


I want my Coke Blak, Coke Blak, Coke Blak

Sorry, that was supposed to be to the tune of Chili's baby back ribs song. Additional sorries if that particular jingle is now stuck in your head. Coca-Cola Blak was a tantalizing mix of Coca-Cola and coffee. It was sold from 2006 to 2008. I hear you can still find it in Lithuania. For someone like... Continue Reading →

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