Finding James Dean in the attic

A James Dean cookie jar, to be exact. It was a long-ago gift from my ex-in-laws (man, that's a lot of hyphens), packed away in my house's attic along with plastic bins containing the ex's Maxim magazines. I was up on the ladder, shoulders-deep in the warm attic, lugging down those Maxims, intending to sell them in... Continue Reading →



My brother M came over yesterday, bearing a surprise: the Cthulu statue I had wanted. He reads my blog, as it turns out, and was at the comic book store picking up an issue of Spawn, saw it, and decided to surprise his dear old sis-- Wait a minute. My brother reads my blog. Uh-oh. um.... Continue Reading →

The coolest thing I have ever seen on a Wednesday

I went to my local comic book store today (The Bookstan'! Beaumont! Shout-out!) and saw the COOLEST. THING. EVER.  A giant frickin' Cthulu figure. Cthulu. Created by H.P. Lovecraft in 1928, it's an ancient, evil god-type thingy. Since Lovecraft created it, it's been adapted (stolen?) by various sources, including role-playing games, comic books, and South... Continue Reading →

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