Finding James Dean in the attic

A James Dean cookie jar, to be exact. It was a long-ago gift from my ex-in-laws (man, that's a lot of hyphens), packed away in my house's attic along with plastic bins containing the ex's Maxim magazines. I was up on the ladder, shoulders-deep in the warm attic, lugging down those Maxims, intending to sell them in... Continue Reading →


The coolest thing I have ever seen on a Wednesday

I went to my local comic book store today (The Bookstan'! Beaumont! Shout-out!) and saw the COOLEST. THING. EVER.  A giant frickin' Cthulu figure. Cthulu. Created by H.P. Lovecraft in 1928, it's an ancient, evil god-type thingy. Since Lovecraft created it, it's been adapted (stolen?) by various sources, including role-playing games, comic books, and South... Continue Reading →

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