The Werewolf and the Haunted House – 5

David It occurs to me, as I cover Elizabeth with my jacket, that I'm an idiot. I should have tried to make it to the car, to see if there really is a barrier. I know I walked up to the house with no problem. Maybe whatever stopped her from leaving wouldn't have stopped me.... Continue Reading →


The Werewolf and the Haunted House – 3

"Nope nope nope," I repeated as I got to my feet. I set my sights on the car and started walking toward it. Eyes front, Elizabeth. Ignore the house at your back. Ignore the hard-packed dirt under your boots, when by all rights it should be mud and scrubby weeds and the occasional styrofoam soda... Continue Reading →

Freaky Texas: Yorktown Memorial Hospital

Yorktown, Texas. Seventy-five miles southeast of San Antonio. Founded in 1950 by the Felician Sisters, a religious group that was part of the Roman Catholic church, Yorktown Memorial Hospital was originally designed for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It closed sometime in the 1980s and soon developed a reputation for being haunted. If  you believe in... Continue Reading →

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