My brother M came over yesterday, bearing a surprise: the Cthulu statue I had wanted. He reads my blog, as it turns out, and was at the comic book store picking up an issue of Spawn, saw it, and decided to surprise his dear old sis-- Wait a minute. My brother reads my blog. Uh-oh. um.... Continue Reading →



It's November! In the U.S. of A., that means Thanksgiving, which means turkey, canned cranberry sauce, and a little something I like to call giving and sharing. As in, McDonald's gave me the shaft, and I'm going to share it with you. I will start this post the way I had originally intended it: THE... Continue Reading →

The truest life horror I know

Today is Halloween, which means the last day of my Halloween-themed posts. (Except for Christmas-time, but that's another tale.) Fret not; I will continue to cover the weird, freaky stuff of our planet. I wanted to make this last October post somethin' special, a razzmatazz of rollickin' rowdy writin'. I wracked my brain all week and all today,... Continue Reading →

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