Werewolf bar mitzvah

  Sorry. I was thinking about Halloween-type music, and Tracy Morgan/Tracy Jordan's song from 30 Rock popped into my head. Now it won't pop out. I'm almost at the end of my Halloween-themed postings. Hope you've enjoyed this spooktacular jocular journey into the wild and wooly whatnot. I have no idea what that last sentence... Continue Reading →


Two. Freaking. Decades. Nevermind.

Today, September 24th, is the twentieth anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind album. 1991, man. I was fifteen years old, into Star Trek: The Next Generation┬áto a degree that, looking back, may not have been totally healthy and was definitely socially limiting, and a virgin. The virgin part would stick around for a few more years. I... Continue Reading →

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