Real life horror: Matawan, New Jersey

  (Rerun here, because it's the hundredth anniversary of these attacks.) I'm profiling a different sort of killer today: the shark (or sharks) responsible for the Matawan Creek attacks in 1916. It started on July 1, 1916, when 23-year-old Charles Van Sant arrived in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Eager to escape the heat, the vacationing Philadelphian... Continue Reading →


Sharks! (And a bad movie trailer.)

JD and I went to see Shark Night 3D last Saturday. I'm a sucker for shark movies, as long as they're not on the SyFy channel. Just because computer animation is relatively inexpensive doesn't mean it should look cheap. I like Jaws (discarding all sequels), Deep Blue Sea, The Reef, and Open Water. And now I like Shark Night... Continue Reading →

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