Must obey Joe Hill

Also known as the son of Stephen King. I've been a fan since reading Heart-Shaped Box, and his short story collection, 20th Century Ghosts, is also quite good. Horns is good as well. Oh yeah, he also writes a fantastic comic book, Locke and Key. All right, enough gushing. I visited his website,, a... Continue Reading →


Writing, page 7: Raindrops keep falling on your head

I am a writer, the god of my fictional universe, dangling my characters, both major and minor, from my fingertips like little marionettes made of nouns and adjectives and prepositional phrases. That flat tire that made you late for that crucial job interview, thus causing you to miss out on that job and thereby forcing you... Continue Reading →

Writing, page 5: Pop culture references that 66 % will understand

Welcome (wherein I introduce the post's theme) Sixty-six percent is my unofficial, undocumented, off-the-cuff estimation of how many readers understand an author's pop culture reference at any given time. My numbers are based on Stephen King's new book, 11/22/63, which is about time travel and JFK's assassination. Good book so far. And since I already... Continue Reading →

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